Are you a leader with a big idea?
Most CEOs don't have time to engage with design agencies or wait for in-house teams.
Working iteratively is the norm. Unfortunately, visualising your ideas can turn into a full blown illustration project requiring a brief and a project manager. 
What if you could you sketch out your pitch idea, prototype campaign, sales process, or user journey through conversation?
Through dialogue and sequenced questions, you can see your idea move from words into structured metaphors and connected graphics. Key themes are sketched in an engaging graphic way.
Sketch illustrations get to the point. Accelerate the “get-it” time for your internal teams and external audiences. 
Share the sketches with your network to encourage surprising connections, and receive deeper feedback
My passion is not only about crystallising your knowledge but keeping it alive through social media and digital channels. 
Knowledge in a visual output helps people to remember and act upon their insights.
From your brain to a PDF within hours. Work sessions start from 2 hour blocks. 
Capture your idea in a long-lasting graphic output. 
Orlagh works with an exceptionally detailed eye, and is unafraid of new challenges. She grasps complex ideas quickly. She creatively commits to the projects she works on, and as a consequence of both her project ownership and technical skill the results are superb. I recommend Orlagh without question.  Over and above that she is mature and considerate to work with, adds creative insight in all areas of engagement above and beyond the role of graphic designer.
Dr. Finn Macleod, CEO Beautiful Data
Book a free 30 minute demo.
If you like it, proceed with 2 hour blocks for €240. You receive a multipage PDF document and three key images. 
Typically three of these sessions will culminate in a full prototype presentation. Thats a visual step through of, say, your TED talk or pitch!
Don't be shy!
Thank you!
“Orlagh is a delight to work with. Her attention to detail and process, her design flair and her understanding working to deadlines makes the experience both educational and smooth. She brings fresh insights to the work and is always open to feedback and suggestions, making edits and changes with grace. I am very happy to recommend her and hope to work with her again in the future.”
Clare Mulvany, Thrive School Founder

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